Best Naperville Dentist Is Driven To Be the Best

Best Naperville DentistKnown to many as the best Naperville dentist, Dr. Chiann Gibson has a passion for providing affordable, high-quality dental care for her community. Below, Dr. Gibson talks about what motivates her to do her best for her patients.

Q: I read that Donald Trump once said that you have “the ability to create the perfect smile.” Are you a perfectionist?

Best Naperville Dentist: When it comes to dentistry, I’m definitely a perfectionist. To me, a smile is a reflection of one’s life – and it can be beautiful.

Q: You were recently asked to serve on the national board of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the world’s largest organization dedicated to cosmetic dental professionals. Can you tell me, in your opinion what makes a good cosmetic dentist?

Best Naperville Dentist: To be a good cosmetic dentist, you must first be a good general dentist. I can’t stress enough the importance of a strong foundation in general dentistry. The more knowledge you have as a dentist, the better you are equipped to treat your patients. Continue reading

Custom Smiles Designed by the Best Naperville Dentist

Best Naperville DentistDr. Chiann Gibson of Smiles By Dr. Gibson of Promenade Dental of Naperville and Associates is more than just the best Naperville dentist. She is a sought after grin maker whose work can be seen in the smiles of celebrities, politicians, and even other cosmetic dentists.

Who needs a sparkling smile?

According to Dr. Gibson, everyone can benefit from the beaming glow that comes with a great smile. As the best Naperville dentist, it is her job to design custom self-esteem boosting smiles for patients of all ages, stages and life situations.

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Enjoy a Pampered Day at the Best Naperville Dentist

Best Naperville DentistThe best Naperville dentist office provides unrivaled comfort amidst a backdrop of tranquility.

Smiles By Dr. Gibson of Promenade Dental of Naperville is perhaps best known for the office’s namesake and best Naperville dentist Dr. Chiann Gibson. Dr. Gibson believes that a trip to the dentist should be an enjoyable experience and a part of every woman’s beauty routine. With this in mind, she has intentionally designed Smiles By Dr. Gibson of Promenade Dental of Naperville to encompass many aspects of the world’s best spas.

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Treat and Prevent Sports Injuries with the Best Naperville Dentist

Best Naperville DentistIn Naperville, Illinois, Dr. Chiann Gibson cares for clients at her downtown practice Smiles by Dr. Gibson and Associates. Known as the best Naperville dentist by many of her patients, Dr. Gibson often answers questions about preventive measures and treatment options regarding dental specific maxillofacial injuries.

Q: Can sports injuries to teens and adolescents be treated at Smiles by Dr. Gibson?

Best Naperville Dentist: Yes. The team at Smiles by Dr. Gibson is experienced in the treatment of facial injuries. Dr. Gibson has extensive experience in partial and full mouth reconstruction.

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Common Dental Terms Explained by the Best Naperville Dentist

Best Naperville DentistQ: What is dentin?

Best Naperville Dentist: Dentin is a substance underneath tooth enamel that contains microscopic canals. The term is generally used when dealing with sensitive teeth. When teeth are sensitive, they are negatively affected by common sensations such as hot or cold liquids or everyday activities like chewing food. Dentin is generally protected by the enamel on the exposed area of teeth and by a substance called cementum above the gum line. When exposed due to enamel wear or receding gum lines, it can create hypersensitivity that must be treated via a desensitizing toothpaste, fluoride gel, dental bonding, or root canal.

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